Qatar’s Leading AC Deep Cleaning Service

Remove bad odorsand molds in your home with our ac deep cleaning in Qatar.Regular cleaning of the air conditioner is required to ensure safe operation and extend the life of the equipment. Deep cleaning of the air conditioner will help to avoid the appearance of an unpleasant smell in the air, darkening of the filters, blockage of the drainage system, as well as the occurrence of noise or crackling during the operation of the device. Therefore, we offer more than just regular ac cleaning; our ac deep cleaning includes a thorough cleaning of the air tubes and all components of an air conditioner. 

Cleaning Of Air Conditioners In Qatar

Climatic equipment must be regularly cleaned and treated with disinfectant solutions. This is necessary so that the split system is not a source of pathogens. 

You can clean the air conditioner yourself, but it requires time, effort, knowledge, and special equipment. Disinfectants for cleaning air conditioners are recommended to kill germs and eliminate unpleasant odors caused by them. If you are interested in inexpensive ac deep cleaning in Qatar, contact our company and order a comprehensive service at a bargain price.

What Does An Air Conditioner Cleaning Service Includes?

  • AC deep cleaning is carried out comprehensively and involves disassembling the system, treating all elements with cleaning agents, and removing blockages, dirt, and bacteria from all equipment surfaces.
  • Cleaning the evaporator of the air conditioner is an important procedure that ensures the elimination of pathogenic bacteria and improves the efficiency of the equipment. During the process, the evaporator is filled with detergent, which, together with contaminants, is brought out.
  • Cleaning the radiator helps improve the equipment’s operation since this element is responsible for cooling and heating the air. In case of slight contamination with dust, dry cleaning is carried out. If the dust, together with the condensate, has formed dirt, use an air conditioner cleaner and a steam generator.
  • Cleaning the air conditioner drainage from grease, mold, dust, and fungi are carried out using special equipment with detergents and water or steam. The drainage tray is also washed, which is also prone to contamination.
  • Cleaning the indoor unit of the air conditioner involves complete disassembly of the equipment to provide access to the internal elements of the cooling system. The procedure includes washing all parts, final assembly of the air conditioner, and checking its functionality.
  • Cleaning the air conditioner’s outdoor unit involves washing the heat exchanger and treating it with disinfectants. It is carried out using high-pressure washing equipment.
  • Cleaning the air conditioner filter can be carried out independently or through the services of a professional. An air conditioner cleaner is used to wash the filters, and dry cleaning of the inside of the air conditioner is also recommended.
  • Antibacterial cleaning of the air conditioner allows you to eliminate fungi, bacteria, and mold, which make the air blown out by the device hazardous to health. Using safe for humans but effective disinfectants in combination with steam generator treatment ensures complete cleaning.
  •  Cleaning the air conditioner from mold is carried out using special disinfectants. To improve the quality of the procedure, a steam generator is used to clean the air conditioner. The cooling system is completely disassembled for processing, and each element is cleaned thoroughly.
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